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RPG - Previous Characters [22 Jul 2020|04:49pm]
Here's a partial list of the characters I've played in the past. It's been a good number of years since I've started playing - six? seven? something like that - and in my old age, I'm sure I've forgotten some. Links are provided where available, lists where not.

Spy School )
Sindicate )
Bug Out Route )
Pons Novus )
The Reaped )
The Odds )
Dichotomy )
The Phoenix Administration )
Purgatory )
Breaking Ties )
The Breach )
Guilt By Association )
Life Ahead )
Remembrall )
Unhappily Ever )
Struggle Within )
The Hollow Years )
Falling From Grace )
Culpae Patria )
A World Without )
Hogsmeade Station )
Blood Red Moon )

[16 Aug 2013|09:19pm]
[info]bugoutroutemods ... just sayin'. Might be something interesting there.

Keep an eye [10 Aug 2013|11:06am]
So if anyone is looking for a new non-fandom game with a new concept, keep an eye on [info]bugoutroutemods over the next few weeks.


Hello CDJ [22 Jul 2010|04:50pm]
Hmm, my first foray into a proper cdj. Hello!


This journal will remain flocked, so if you're part of one of my games, comment here and I'll add you. :)

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